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Mats Wichmann

Mats Wichmann

I'm a systems software consultant conversant with UNIX/Linux, C, Python, standards, and Open Source Software topics. I also do some training. EMail me for more information.

I've recently been working with the Python programming language and really enjoying it. Python integrates well with Java - look into a project called Jython. I wrote the Python training course for Learning Tree International.

I volunteer with La Plaza Telecommunity by serving on the Board of Directors.


The views expressed in these pages are my personal opinions and do not in any way reflect the views of La Plaza Telecommunity or its' Board of Directors, or of Learning Tree International.

I'm involved with my local neighborhood association, the Latir Neighborhood Association, and serve as a representative of that group to the Council of Neighborhood Associations.

These days, I'm researching the use of Open Source software for enterprise computing solutions, particularly using Linux. Stay tuned for links to some resources on this topic. I've also contributed to a training course in UNIX (and Linux) Optimization and Troubleshooting.

I enjoy Celtic-style music and play a bit on a Stephen Owsley Smith mandola, of which I am not worthy :-) (picture at left), as well as pennywhistle, bodhran and classical guitar.

I also do some cross-county skiing. Lots of links at Cross Country Ski World.
I ski at Enchanted Forest, near Bobcat Pass above Red River, NM.

How to Reach Me

Currently, my physical email address is You can also reach me through which is an alias that should always point the right place.