Barela Studio

Juan Pablo Rael
Juan Pablo Rael, age 18  is the son of Daniel and Pat Barela Rael and great-grandson of the famous Taos Woodcarver Patrocinio Barela. 

Juan Pablo Rael carves santos and relief carvings using handtools in the tradition of his great-grandfather. 

Juan is holding a relief carving of San Acacio.  He now attends New Mexico State University.  He took his carving tools and hopes to always have time for his art.

Artist Statement

"I think about what I want to carve and then I look for the piece of wood.

Carving is not a job, it is enjoyment. I love to carve with my cousins, (Eric, Daniel, and Robert Barela), and I appreciate that my wood shop teacher allowed me to work on my woodcarvings in furniture class."

Juan Pablo Rael

San Acacio
Cedar 10" x 8"

Contact the Artist:
Juan Pablo Rael, Phone:  (505) 751.0547
P.O. Box 140, Taos, NM 87571
20 Ortiz Road, (Talpa, NM)