Barela Studio

Pat Barela Rael
Pat Barela Rael is married to Daniel Rael and has two sons, Felipe Antonio (22) and Juan Pablo Rael (18). 

Pat (Patricia) was named after her famous woodcarving grandfather, the late Patrocinio Barela of Taos, NM. 

She is the first female santera of the Barela Studio woodcarvers in Talpa, NM

Artist Statement
The art of carving has always been a part of my live. 

I had a photograph of my Grampa Pat over my woodbox.  Every time I brought in firewood, I would ask him to inspire me to start carving.  My Grampa Pat had a sense of humor and he inspired my husband (Daniel Rael) and son (Juan Pablo Rael) to start carving first. 

I have always supported the Barela family tradition of cedar woodcarving.   I am proud that we were inspired to carry on the tradition. 

I have made 2 carvings, so far.  I plan to continue carving because it is something I enjoy doing for myself.

Pat Barela Rael

Hombre y Mujer
Cedar 14" x 4" 

Contact the Artist:
Pat Barela Rael,  Phone (505) 751.0547
P.O. Box 140, Taos, NM  87571
20 Ortiz Road (Talpa, NM)