Barela Studio

Robert Barela
Robert Barela  is the son of woodcarver Carlos Barela and the great-grandson of the famous New Mexico woodcarver Patrocinio Barela.

Robert carries on the tradition of carving beautiful images from Juniper cedar wood using hand tools.

Robert, age 13, is an award winning woodcarver.   He has won twoseveral prestigious awards from the Spanish Colonial Arts Society "Traditional Spanish Market" held in Santa Fe, NM,  the last weekend in July.

Artist Statement

I like to carve, it's fun.  I enjoy seeing the piece come out of the wood and see it all come together.

I have been carving since I was seven years old.  I have made about 15 carvings, so far.  I believe woodcarving should be passed on from generation to generation.   I will keep it going.

Robert Barela