Barela Studio

Barela Style

Barela Style sculptures are individually hand-carved from Juniperus scopulorum, Rocky Mountain red-cedar wood from the pinon-juniper woodland forests of Northern New Mexico.
We search the forests for unusual shapes of, dry,  dead and down cedar that we carry out on our backs.  It is a very spiritual experience.
Wind, water, and time present interesting  shapes and forms of cedar that Barela Studio Artists use to create beautiful sculptures.
We release the images that are already present in the wood.
The rich colors of the cedar wood create a magical pallete with warm hues of crimson heartwood and brilliant, white sapwood.
The depth of our carving, the grain of the wood,  and the natural variation and contrast of colors are our pallete.
The woodcarvings are highly refined, sanded and polished.  They are warm to the touch and resemble finished marble and ivory.
Cedar is a very spiritual wood.  Itís warm colors and fragrant, aromatic smell are very pleasing to the senses.   They say that Jesus was crucified on a cedar cross, from the Cedars of Lebanon.