Tom's Magazine Search

The e-version of the magazines, listed below. are provide by Google
and of course, by the magazines themselves.

Each of the following magazines can be scanned for key-words
using the [Google Search Block] located along the Left-Hand margin,
However, if you want to scan all issues using your search criteria ...

  1. first .. click on any issue (it doesn't matter which one) .. then ..

  2. check the [  ] "Search all issues" button below this search block. If this
    button is NOT checked the search will only cover the current issue.

  3. example: (search for all issues that have the words, "Texas Football")   -->



In addition, a Table of Contents for a particular issue can often (but not always) be found by clicking the "page #"  block located in the Upper-Right-Hand corner area.

---- B
e sure to refresh your screen when you first enter this web page. I may be changing it often (or not!)
---- By clicking on one of the eMagazines, listed below, you will enter that collection on a specific date or set of dates.
       You may change the date (+/-)  using the top Google Search block located at the
top of the page.
---- Additional issues of each magazine (if available) may become available at a later date
---- Remember, if you are using multiple keywords and they ought to be scanned as a single unit .. enclose them in quotes, eg: "New Mexico"