Windows 10
Help Notes


  1. Settings and Personalize To bring up [SETTINGS]  i.e. the gear-icon .. there are two different displays.

    • Option-1: (to look at many system and device settings)

      • Click on the "Start" option icon located in the lower left of your screen

      • Scroll down the vertical program listing along the left margin until you see "settings" clik on this option

      • Optionally you can drag and drop the settings icon onto the "folders" area to make it easier to find next time

    • Option-2:

      • Used to:
        Warning *** there are many options here. Change options one-at-a-time and don't change an option unless you record
         the original setting.

        • Display settings - click [DISPLAY

        • Your system's parameters - click [ABOUT]

        • Systems Options - click [Power and Sleep]

        • Speaker ID and Microphone settings - click [SOUND

        • Set up multiple monitors


      • Go to your desktop and right-click in an open area.

      • Right click the open area to get a pop-up

      • Click on the [Display Settings] and this will bring up the other "settings screen"


  2. Background and lettering - To change you black background w/white letters to white background w/black letters

    • Either click on [Settings] then [Personalize] ...
                  or click on an open area of your desktop then click on [Personalize]


    1. At the top of the screen turn high contrast ON/OFF toggle switch
            This will change the background of your screen from black to white or white to black
             while changing you characters from white to black or black to white

  3. Settings or Personalize options;

    • At the top of either screen is a [SEARCH] block. Enter a the word that bests describes option you want to change

      • [START] .. to fix problems with START menu or make changes in it's appearance

      • [CAPTION]  .. to change size. color etc of captions that will appear on your screen

      • [COLORS] ..