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Warning: it is rumored that certain books are always advertised by a few book stores, whether the store has them or not.  Do not pay a finders fee.  The following URLs have been recommended by others.

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Notes: Some companies give 40-50% discounts. Be sure to check for any time sensitive "return" and "buy back"  policy.  Often  shipping rates cancel out discounts.  Often it is better for several students to send a collective order. Select ahead of time to get the best shipping rates -- books are heavy and "over night" rates are very high.

Some of the new options are: buying books at auction, buying online digital books (even by publishers) .. Critique of On Line Book Sellers

Disclaimer: Policies/rates change .. be sure to check each vendor's current particulars.


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  1. Northern Light This combines a very good index of the WWW and of some scholarly journals together with an amazing document delivery system: online full text of some recent scholarly articles at $3 each recommended.
  2. Academic Info
  3. YAHOO: Yahoo is a good starting point for every popular and academic topic under the sun, worldwide. It adds 1000+ sites every day
  4. Historical Abstracts Abstracts of 400,000+ history articles (non-US), from ABC-CLIO; campus subscription required (check with Librarian)
  5. America: History & Life Abstracts of 400,000+ history articles (US & Canada), from ABC-CLIO; campus subscription required (check with Librarian)
  6. Infotrac Searchable index and (often) full text of scholarly journals; campus subscription required
  7. Yahoo's excellent guide to popular & semipopular history resources:
  8. ABOUT 500+ experts recommend sites; formerly called Mining Company
  9. Guide to WWW from Encyclopedia Britannica complete text, but this is an aging reference source
  10. JSTOR complete text online of all articles before 1993 of major journals in history, political science, economics, demography; free access if your school subscribes.
  11.  List of JSTOR schools
  12. Voice of the Shuttle Large guide to humanities resources, from Alan Liu, UC Santa Barbara

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