Tom's Telescope Project
with a
wood Yoke Mock-Up


Design Characteristics:

Design Changes (for next time ?):


#1) General View w/Yoke Mock-up #2) Side View-Polar Axis #3) Side View w/out Yoke
image02.JPG (27677 bytes) image13.JPG (22267 bytes) image12.JPG (17976 bytes)
#4) General View w/Yoke Pointing East #5) Yoke and Polar Axis-Bearing #6) Polar Axis-Bearing on Mounting Plate
image14.JPG (21575 bytes) image15.JPG (30741 bytes) image06.JPG (27433 bytes)
#7) Close up of Alt-azimuth Assembly #8) Looking through Polar Axis #9) Looking from Below
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#10) Base Plate

#7 photo (above)

This alt-azimuth assembly rotates in both elevation and azimuth to position the polar axis toward the (true) pole. Then it is fixed and locked down (see side bolt) for permanent use. The inverted -"U" shape bracket can be rotated to match any latitude (0-90 deg)

image04.JPG (25717 bytes)

<- #10) photo (left)

The (blue) base plate bolts to a cement pier dug about 30-inches into the ground. Temporarily, the (unpainted) steel plate (shown below the base plate) has a welded 24-inch spike pushed into the ground to act as a support for field use, only.