The War Between the States

aka The Civil War

The War Between the States aka
The American Civil War

  • Poetry and Music of the War Between the States

  • This amazing site has poetry and songs (listen to the songs of an era) and is maintained by Kathy Frazer, a descendent of three CSA soldiers from the State of Texas.
  • The Civil War

  • Brian Boyle's comprehensive collection of War Between the States links and information. In the time-honored tradition of Nathan Bedford Forrest, this site got there first with the most and remains one of the best all-purpose resources on the Web.
  • Civil War Archives at the Library of Congress

  • This site includes photographs, information about photography, and an historical timeline of the War.
  • Pictures of The Civil War from the National Archives

  • <The Civil War Center at Louisiana State University>/A>

  • Civil War Battle Summaries by Campaign

  • Civil War Women

  • African Americans and Slavery

  • Let's Make a Slave

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