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  • Where Our Tax dollar Goes

  • Sit down, sit back and enjoy the show!
  • R. Buckminster Fuller

  • There are enough resources throughout the world that all peoples of the world can flourish and enjoy all the wonders of our world.
  • Coalition of Essential Schools

  • The Coalition of Essential Schools is a growing network of schools that increases student achievement by supporting the rethinking of priorities and the redesign of curriculum, instruction, and assassment.
  • Colleges

  • English and Literature

  • Films and Movie Reviews

  • Going to the movies? Renting a film? Check here for reviews, producers, actors, ratings.
  • Government

  • History

  • Libraries

  • Mathematics

  • Media

  • Read the wold's newspapers, check on-line magazines, read the latest information. This site has access to all the on-line newspapers in the world, as well as e-zines and magazines that are both main-line and out of the main stream magazines.
  • Media Literacy

  • Evaluate the media through this site. There is more to media than just watching television and here are sites for the evaluation of media.
  • Music

  • Science

  • Student Added Sites

  • Search the web.

  • The Teen Scene!

  • This page is created and maintained by the students here at school and addresses issues, topics and entertainment concerning their lives. Check it out often for updates and additions.
  • Technology

  • Chamisa Mesa was completely changed when we added a state-pf-the-art computer lab and students learned about the web, as well as having the tools of the computer at their hands.
  • Tom's Web

  • "Tom's Web" is first, a collection of science and web resources intended to provide support for learning projects ...
  • Write Your Representative

  • Interested in writing your representative? This site has e-mail and snail mail addresses for Congress. Let them know what you think!
  • Working for our children's future

  • World Cultures

  • In continuation of our support and practice of free speech guaranteed by the
    Constitution of the United States
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