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The Canyon Stops At Midnight

The Great MacFin

by TomB

The Great MacFin

(An English Crumpet Western)

adapted from a story by that Angle-mann

Presenting the Dramatis Personae:

The Owner ... Owner of the Midnight Ranch:

... and his Sons:

The Owner's foreman:

MacFin ... Forman of the North Fork Ranch,

Cowfish ... Forman of the South Fork Ranch,

Langstorm ... Forman of the Main Ranch

... with some of the cowboys from the Midnight Ranch


... along with Bud, Son of Langstrom

... and the General of the State forces

The Young McFlabs

... with an officer attending The Great MacFin.

Jack (Played by Jack Fishfyt)

... and of course ...

Lady MacFin (Played by Lotte Madonna Fish)

... along with Lady Shirl ... attending

... Then there's the ghostly, "Ba-bar'-ra "

... with her close friends, Three Ol' Cowpokes:

First Cowpoke (played by Pete, as himself)
Second Cowpoke (played by Fred Fishingmill)
Third Cowpoke (played by Bill Bassrie)

... as always ... Jake ... playing as himself

... plus various Cowboys, Farmers, Sheepherders, and Findians

... And Now the Scene:

On and near a western cattle ranch known to the local ranchers, farmers, sheepherders and Findians as, "The Midnight Ranch." The name is taken from a nearby canyon known simply as, "Midnight Canyon".

... And The Situation

The Midnight Ranch ranch is a large, prosperous operation located in the high Aspen and Pine forests of Findian Country. Because of it's size this estate has been divided into three "working units," each operated by a foreman: The higher North Fork range is run by the popular and brave foreman know to all as, "The Great MacFin." The lower South Fork range is operated by its foreman, the questionable, Cowfish. Finally, there is a central complex of barns, corrals and storage-bins aboot the Owner's main ranch house-managed effectively by the competent and loyal foreman, Langstorm.

The aged owner is both wealthy and known to be honest in all dealings. His trade in cattle, feed and landsales are vital to the economy of the area. Although he was the first settler, he has always been friend to newcomers and has been husbandsman to all rural activities in this part of the world.

He has often stated, publicly, "As m'neighhbors are successful, So ah'm successful."

...but now, a dark cloud hangs over the once peaceful valley. The rural folk who live and work at the foot of Midnight Pass have become anxious. There has been talk and not a little dissatisfaction-openly expressed-by the new outsiders coming into the valley ... and there are many-all looking for a fresh start in life. The aggitators are concerned aboot the potential power of the Owner. They think that this power might be used against them-affecting their very livelyhood.

Of main concern is the Owner's control over land access and water rights. Everyone knows that all waters-that fill livestock tanks and farmer's ditches-comes out of the high forested lands ... all belonging to the Midnight Ranch.

In this country, water, land and cattle are "survival."

Recently, these angry words have turned into violent acts and now there is even talk of a range-war ...

... shhh

          ... hush ... this story is aboot to begin ...

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