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Thanks go to "Heavens Above," John Walker, and others for providing these usefull observing "tools" - tom

Latest Update: July 21, 2008

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  • Sky Charts: If you do not already have easy access to Star maps/charts,  it is recommended that you down load and use the excellent program, SKYCalc  Even the basic version is superior to most printed charts. To set it up you must know your Lat/Long and your computer's clock must be adjusted to real-time.

  • Basic Observing Tools:

    • Copy of Norton's Star Atlas (paper, Longman, isbn 0-582-31283 or contact Sky and Telescope about their charts


Elsewhere: Many of the clickables, below, are given for Taos, NM - USA To adjust for other locations go to Heavens Above and enter your local configuration. Your "place data" can be found, here:  by country .. by name



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  • USGS Lat/Long - detailed

  • Get Lat/Long of a Place

  • Taos Map (v.large USGS .tiff map) .. (2)
    Taos, NM - MST (Airport):

    • Long: 105  40  20.74 W

    •    Lat: +35  27  29.48 N

    • Long: 105.6724289

    •    Lat:  +35  4581900

    • Elev: 7091 ft
               2161.3 m

  • El Rito SetUp
    El Rito
    Map (v.large USGS .tif map) .. (2)
    El Rito, NM - MST

    • Long: 106 11 17 W

    •    Lat: +36 20 36 N

    • Long: 106.1880 W

    •    Lat: + 36.3430 N




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Note: The positions of planets can also be obtain from the "Planet Summary" sheet, above.



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