Anna sewing Sherwood

Anna sewing Sherwood

Sherwood was named after his creator, Anna Sherwood.
She is a seamstress in a toy factory. Anna sews the head and
faces of stuffed animals made by this factory. Her work is very
unique and special because she creates her work with great care and love.

Sherwood is especially unique.
When Anna finishes sewing his face she says to him,
"Be alive small creature, bring love to the children."
And ... he does just that!

Heather handing Sherwood to Alisha

Heather giving Sherwood to Alisha

Sherwood has been stolen from the store
where he has been residing. After giving chase,
Heather, the store manager, recovers Sherwood.

Here she is handing Sherwood to Alisha
for safekeeping until they get back to the store.

Alisha is one of the children who
communicates with Sherwood and who loves
him very much. She is very grateful for his safe return.


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