Sherwood was 'born' in 1984. Sherwood, the story, came to me as an answer
to a prayer during a difficult time in my life. He became much more than
an answer though. I know now that he was a gift, a blessing, and
one of the many miracles that have happened in my life.

Because of Sherwood, I've had wonderful adventures and met incredible
people. Through it all, he has become my little 'companion' and serves
as a symbol to me, now, of belief in myself and in my dreams.

The story became a book and was published in 1989. This was truly a great
learning experience. The first edition was published in sepia and white;
illustrations included. The artist and myself are still dreaming of the
color edition and hope that it will soon be published. Three of the
color illustrations are on my website.

Sherwood is a most unusual, very special, and very unique teddy bear.
I believe that this is one of the reasons why people love him so much.
Also, he was created with much love, tenderness and care.
I've done many different things with Sherwood. Putting him on the world
wide web is my latest adventure. I hope everyone who views these pages
will remember him and enjoy his 'beingness and light'.

Blessings to all...


Information about Sherwood the book

'Every parent knows that children enjoy a very special kind of relationship with
stuffed animals, particularly bears. Every parent also knows (though few will
openly admit) that these 'toys' exert a secret pull on adult heartstrings as well.
It may be our children who give them life, but we come to share their sense of
the animals' souls and personalities.

That's one reason why Sherwood, the story of a stuffed bear with an
extraordinary spiritual mission, is one that grown-ups and youngsters alike will
find compelling and uplifting. The other reason is the nature of his mission
itself, which is nothing less than to save the world through love... Beautifully
illustrated by September Rose, Sherwood, is a children's book unlike any
other - one whose message the adult world cannot afford to ignore.'

(book jacket synopsis)

A limited number of signed, out of print, first
editions are now available. If you would like more
information about Sherwood the book, please contact:

The Well Read Bean


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