Computer Angel

  I'm Sending You This Angel...   

Computer Angel

I heard you were having trouble
understanding that new computer machine.
It's scary and complicated and intimidating;
gosh, you'd rather just go clean!

That's why I'm sending this special
Computer Angel your way.
She loves to help 'Puter beginners
and she has a lot to say.

"Relax... Breath deep... No worries..."
"Let's have some fun today!"
"We'll let the Techies do the hard stuff,"
"While we create and play!"

So keep it simple and begin to think
of your 'Puter differently,
you can use it for your enjoyment
try it and you'll see.

When you need your special Angel,
just click your Mouse and say,
"Help, 'Puter Angel, come quick I need you!"
And she'll fly in right away.

Blessings to you...

Inspired by and Dedicated to
two very special Earth Angels

   Ms. Mari and Ms. Sandi  

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Computer Angel