Fear of Writing
Fear of Writing
by Milli Thornton, is for anyone who experiences
that familiar thud in the pit of the stomach when they
visualize sitting down to write. The process of unblocking
the paralysis of fear and learning to flow is demystified,
and a triage of fun is applied to heal the writing scars.
A great book... Check it out!

Midnight at the Camposanto
Taos Festival Mystery Series
Visit the personal website of mystery author Mari Ulmer.
At her site you can find information
about her newest books, Midnight at the
and Carreta de la Muerte (Cart of Death).

Faces of Fear
Christine Spindler - Mystery Author
Read about Christine's Inspector Terry
series crime novels, The Rhythm of Revenge and Faces
of Fear
, her ezine TerryFic, and more at her personal website.

The Men's Resource Center of Northern New Mexico

"We believe in supporting men and healing the violence in men's lives."
I'm happy to be on the Board of this wonderful
organization in Taos, New Mexico. At the MRC, we believe
that men are naturally loving, caring, and sensitive. Our work
is to support men in being healthy partners, fathers, role models,
and community members. Please visit our website to learn more
about the healing work we are doing in our community.

The BLACK RUBY Toolbox

Writing, Conscious Dreaming,
Soul Retrieval, Following Your Bliss…

Learn more about C.J. MacLeod, THE POWERFOOL, a
Taos writer and artist. Her works have appeared in galleries,
exhibits, and collections across the United States and Canada.

Career Camp
"Soul Search before the Job Search"
Career Camp is devoted to moving you toward
healthy, productive, and satisfying work. They offer a variety
of development services for both individuals and organizations.

Josseph the Star*Watcher
The Astrologer who searches the heavens and watches
the Stars at the top of the world in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the largest 'No Kill'
sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals in the country.
These people are Earth Angels!

Free Ezines/Newsletters

Angel Scribe Newsletter
Visit the homepage of Mary Ellen,
the one and only Internet Angel Scribe.

HeroicStories Newsletter
Randy Cassingham's HeroicStories are
about everyday real people who step up to the
challenge and help others when they're needed.

This newsletter has inspirational, uplifting, and
enlightening stories about people reaching out to others.
** Special Note **
This newsletter was listed in my new book as
Starfish at OhAngel.com/Starfish. Their website address
has since changed. To access the website for this special
newsletter just click above on Ripplemakers/Starfish.

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Daily inspirational email stories
from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

     Lockergnome Newsletter
A great newsletter, by Chris Pirillo, providing
you with lots of great computer tips and information.

Winning Without Intimidation
An email newsletter, by Bob Burg, for people who
believe in getting what they want in all areas of their life,
while helping others to feel good about themselves.

Life Support System
To the point, high quality, often humorous and
always encouraging, these uplifting email messages from
Steve Goodier can make a difference everyday.

Heart Warmers
Start your day with an uplifting
email story emailed to you everyday!

Create Your Own Luck Newsletter
A free weekly email newsletter from Azriela Jaffe.
Learn from a community of subscribers who share their
tips and information about creating Luck.

The Art of Abundance
Your guide to creating permanent
prosperity in every area of your life.

Did You Know?
Fascinating facts and amazing stories.

More Websites

Visit the home of the Dream Dragon
Dragon Tales Publishing produces high quality
picture books, products, and safety programs for children.

Weaving small wisdoms through the fabric of life.

The Center For Highly Sensitive People
For creative, intuitive, sensitive, and spiritual people.

Sister Who
A writer, artist, minister, and sacred clown
dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of others.

Urban Legend Reference Pages
Check out those emails that are forwarded
to you to see if they are hoaxes or legends.

Symantec Security Updates
Find out about the latest computer viruses.

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