I Love My 'Puter - A fun computer book for beginners!

A Fun
Computer Book
For Beginners!

Are you new to Computerland?
Do you know someone who is?
Do you want to have fun while you learn?
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Title - I Love My 'Puter A fun computer book for beginners!
Author - Cindy Robison
ISBN - 0595142656
Publisher - iUniverse.com
Book Distributor - Ingram Books

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you can call iUniverse tollfree at 1-877-823-9235.
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Was written to help you, the new PC user, to love your computer.
If you are feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by your new computer...
This is the book for you!

Filled with simple step by step instructions for
Windows 98 2nd Edition, this book will show you how to:

* Bring your desktop alive with colors, graphics, and sounds that you love!
* Create inspiring and fun screen savers!
* Customize your desktop themes and find new ones!
* Dazzle your friends with colorful and creative emails!
* Whisk away unwanted email clutter!
* Save and reformat those special, inspiring, and fun emails!
* Create fantastic and original cards, stickers, word banners, and flyers!
* Thoroughly enjoy your Internet surfing experience by learning a few simple steps!
* Get started on your own website!

Written for beginners, by a beginner, this book will help you to
learn important computer skills while being creative. As you learn,
you’ll begin to see the amazing possibilities available with your computer.

Computer learning doesn’t have to be boring or difficult.

What it can be is lots of fun!

Transform your computer fears into excitement and anticipation!

Important Information
My book is printed using Print On Demand technology.
POD is a technology that allows books to be printed and bound one at a time; economically and quickly.
iUniverse stores its book files digitally, enabling the company to send the appropriate file to the printer
whenever a book is ordered. While it may take a little more time for you to receive my book using this
format, you can feel good knowing that no books will be destroyed and no paper wasted due to overprinting.
POD is Green!





























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