College football is a game which would be much more interesting if the faculty played instead of the students, and even more interesting if the trustees played. There would be a great increase in broken arms, legs, and necks, and simultaneously an appreciable diminution in the loss to humanity.
-- H. L. Mencken

Education is the key to the future of civilization. These links are here to create a dialogue about the state of education and its future.

There is always much discussion about how and what we should teach our children, as well as ourselves. I believe that it is imperative that we teach our children HOW to think, rather than what to think. That way we allow them to be who they are rather than unsettled people with serious conflicts about who they are.

  • A large Kids Site!

  • Mathematics

  • History

  • Science

  • English Writing Tools

  • Chamisa Mesa High School

  • John Gatto on Education

  • Netsurfers

  • Instructional Support Center

  • Educational Resource Site

  • Education Reform

  • US Department of Education

  • Encyclopedia Brittanica OnLine

  • The Next Millennium

  • For those students wishing to find information about financial aid for college:
  • Financial Aid

  • Don't Buy Anything Day

  • Education about how our government REALLY works

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